【Shibuya VIN】 Mook / Storyboard " Shogakukan " Super Dimension Fortress Macross Movie Version Love ・ Remember Story & Storyboard "(with obi)

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B obi small Scratch , itami

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2018/06/15 21:00:00

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2018/06/22 21:00:00

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Details of the Condition Ranking:
S - It is in mint condition and can be considered new.A - It is in fairly good condition for a secondhand book.
B rank average condition is average for a secondhand book and has some minor damage.
( ※ Please select S ~ A rank if you place importance on condition)
B-> C +> C> C-: Almost parallel ~ Under ordinary / Ole · Yake · Simi ・ torn ・ Freaky, There is no problem with reading, but there are scratches due to external factors.The degree becomes stronger as it goes to C-, but it reflects it in the price accordingly.
D: fire ants / addition to the above-mentioned Itami, from excessive wetting-graffiti, missing loss, erratic collating, missing page(s) shows that there is pain a flame to be read, such as in this evaluation.In addition, this evaluation is the case when the title which Kashi-hon specification is significantly affecting the condition evaluation is Kashi-hon condition.Detailed condition is appended to condition rank details.

With respect to the presence or absence of accessory condition to the column of details Reference please.
Size 257 mm × 182 mm × 22 mm

Translation is done by machine translator.

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