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Castle in the Sky Rough Genga.

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[No.] 2076
[Deadline] 4/9
[Brand name] Castle in the Sky Rough Genga.
[Producer] Handwritten by HAYAO MIYAZAKI
[Size] 230 × 350mm
[Number of pages] 12 pieces
[Remarks] Yes Warranty
[Cel NO.] Cut.A-212
[Lowest bid price] 150,000 yen

Pazu that while talking of my father was passionate about the existence of the Laputa, wind the rubber of model aircraft.
It is not a brilliant story in any way, it was also the support at the same time is a stained Sorrow of this boy.
To dispel the atmosphere airplane to fly without the casual sink.
I would like to note here is really the expression of Pazu of A5.
Wave of emotion that has been repeated time and again, the expression of the moment, such as stifle a smile it is excellent!
Muscle, intention even though fate, animation to express the intention
I think the word of the director himself, as is backed by this one piece of A5.
Theta will show the profile to follow the model aircraft.
When you are viewing a Pazu, do we have to face what?

※ words of director in comments, from Kingdom and crazy dream Documenta Lee movie was recently published.

Translation is done by machine translator.