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~ ONE Kagayaki ~ to rather season starring Voice actor team Signed Script

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(item number) 1402
(title) ~ ONE Kagayaki ~ to rather season starring Voice actor team Signed Script
(author) Orihara Kouhei : Taniyama Ksyoh
Hikami Syun : Hoshi Souichiro
Kawana Misaki : Toyoshima Machiko
Kouduki Mio : Asano Mao
Orihara Misao : Mochiduki Hisayo
(the date of issue) 2001
(size) B5
(condition) above average
(starting bid price) 3,000 yen

(comment) Some people have left the company, but 18 is prohibited game while "cry" and work the people that used to belong to God game brand "K ey" of reputation are involved many. PlayStation version, drama CD version, OVA version (all ages), in which the PC version will be the cast of the OVA version. ONE~ Kagayaki rather than hit the three-volume day of the work of ~ to the season, "Snow chapter Misaki Mio of" Script to sign have been ones. 2002 lottery goods
Kohei Orihara: Kisho Taniyama
ice Shun: Soichiro Hoshi
Misaki Kawana: Machiko Toyoshima
Kozuki Mio : Masumi Asano
Misao Orihara: Hisayo Mochizuki
Size 3 mm x 182 mm x 257 mm

Translation is done by machine translator.

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