[Shibuya VIN] Gosei Sentai Dairanger Episode 8

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B main item twist, medium page aging burnt- Slightly stained

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When it aired the story number, the same title
Director: Katsuya Watanabe
Screenplay: Noboru Sugimura

Details of the Condition Ranking:
S - It is in mint condition and can be considered new.
A: Above average, very good quality for a second hand book.
B: Average condition for a used book, so there may be minor damage.
( ※If the condition is very important to you, please choose an item ranked S to A )
B-> C +> C> C- : almost moderate-to-average under / Ole desperation and a spot ・ torn ・ cracking, also does not have a problem in that the read there is pain due to external factors.Items with a C- ranking will have significant damage which will be reflected in the price.
D: other flame ants / above of the Itami, from excessive wetting-graffiti, missing loss, erratic collating, missing page(s) such as damage that will hinder the readers ability to enjoy it, reflected in the price. enjoy it, reflected in the price.Also, in the case of certain kashihon, certain titles can affect the valuation of the item more than its physical condition.Detailed condition is condition you Yes to note in detail rank.

Please refer to the condition area for information on whether or not accessories are included.
Size 257 mm × 187 mm × 8 mm

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