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King Ghidorah Guignol

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(item number) 1001
(title) King Ghidorah Guignol
(maker) Tsuburaya
(the date of issue) 1960s
(size) Wing width 1400mm, height 700mm, total length 1600mm
(Country) Japan
(starting bid price) 3,500,000 yen

(comment) Since its debut in 1964 in "The Biggest Battle on Earth", King Ghidorah has appeared many times on screen as Godzilla's nemesis, but until just before filming, its body was blue, but when Eiji Tsuburaya overheard one of the staff members on the spot saying, "We thought it was gold because it came from Venus," he decided to make it blue. Although his entire body was changed to a golden color, it did not arrive in time for the film's promotional materials, and only his body was repainted in gold in some posters and stills at the time of the film's release, but his wings can still be seen in their original color.

The King Ghidorah's operating system (Guignol), in which he wears these phantom NG colors, was created with Ghidorah's costume before the start of filming and was used until the screen test. As it was created to be used in the film, the three necks, wings, and two tails are intricately wired and can be moved by means of a rear control handle. The eyes are also red and luminous.

The scales covering his body are clearly painted in a golden color, but there is still some of the original blue (blue-green) paint at the bottom of the scales. The wings, however, are not painted gold and there are no traces of it so it seems that at some point the attempt to use it in production was interrupted. Originally, Ghidorah was mostly in flight form and not in simple standing poses, so an actor in a costume was used for filming when Ghidorah was moving around on the ground. It's thought that originally this practical effect system was not really used (it's also possible that only the area above the neck was used for filming).

As this was used professionally, a detailed instruction guide will be prepared and attached. For shipping it will be packed in a special wooden box sized 156cm x 116cm x 93xm. Please contact us for shipping estimates (as a rough estimate it will be about 100,000 yen within Japan and 200,000 yen to the USA).

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