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Frankenstein No Otoko First Edition

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Item's Details

(item number) 8601
(title) Frankenstein No Otoko First Edition
(author) Norikazu Kawashima
(maker) Hibari Shobo
(starting bid price) 35,000 yen

(comment) 1986 (S61) .11.16 / first edition / Paperback / 192P / body stain, Kabakado very small tear, thread, small burnt, small back burning / moderate-to-parallel on / -

hit Comics 143
now, choose one works in lark hit comic When you are told and I will choose this! Author, title, content, evaluation, at all highest peak!
Contents Please read by all means put in hand, all I worry about, because not communicated well, is a man of the story has been expected that was not accustomed to anything that become someone. Anyway, if you have Franken even if you do not have "in the killing" proudly "I'm Norikazu Kawashima collector! Uo'!" And is one book that will I be convinced to say

[ Norikazu Kawashima (item No. 8601~8627)
fiscal and even if the decree sum up continue rare writer Norikazu Kawashima of evaluation from Showa. Will Why thing is to continue to receive the evaluation of the name even now?
The hint I think to be in the 90 subsequent's horror after the completion of the Norikazu Kawashima activities. Until the 80's horror feature a was the ghost and monster of the story the main axis of the, "really afraid of humans," the main theme drawn to go was in the 1990s after the horror, if you look at the Kawashima works SF mystery, etc. that of the 80's, to be seen, and if you look at the now most acclaimed work groups such as Franken is a place that depicted the madness of man's deep where you have painted it since the 1990s to.
Coincidentally October of 1988 the Norikazu Kawashima is to publish the last work, in September of the magazine suspense and horror also said the origin of the 1990s horror boom was first published 1988, of the two horror proof Although it did not intersect, which we have found in the Norikazu Kawashima work something that connects both the collection of the mania has been verified, members of the collector is lost in the middle of the evolution divided the ring "missing link" but I think in a current evaluation?

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