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Kubi Wo Ki Ra Re Ta Izimekko

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(item number) 8618
(title) Kubi Wo Ki Ra Re Ta Izimekko
(author) Norikazu Kawashima
(maker) Hibari Shobo
(starting bid price) 40,000 yen

(comment) 1988 (S63) .8.16 / forth without / Shinsho / 192P / retail small stain, cover small Itami [sure], page Kado small Itami / parallel on / -

hit Comics 247
want to cut the edge of the bully Masako it Miu I thought always and is not cut out just when you before the Masako. Forced to shoplifting at the direction of Masako, important doll also deprived, worsened the relationship between good friends. Miu became an adult over time will be reunited with Masako. And a thing of the past, Miu, which was trying to settle your thoughts to witness're there is Masako and Miu lover. Burn the conclusion of the title Sakuchu, in a two-page spread in the middle! When Miu anger has reached the apex, all of the past explode reminded at this moment

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