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Futari To Gonin Complete 12 Volume First Edition Set

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Item's Details

(item number) 8701
(title) Futari To Gonin Complete 12 Volume First Edition Set
(author) Hideo Azuma
(maker) Akita Shoten
(starting bid price) 25,000 yen

(comment) Volume 1/1974 (S 49). 5.10/First edition/New book/226 p/Cover Italy, small spots, end of the book/Regular ~ regular/-
Volume 2/Volume 1974 (S 49). 9.10/First edition/New edition/226 p/Cover tatami-no-doire/Regular/-
Volume 3/1974 (S 49). 11.10/First edition/New book/226 p/Cover Tatami Shao Yabe Cadore/Narami/-
Volume 4/1974 (S 49). 12.25/First edition/New book/218 pages/Covers/Itami/Oguchi/Narami to Narami/Namijo/-
Volume 5/1975 (S 50), 3.20/First edition/New book/218 pages/Cover sho-itami, very sho-yabure/Regular, very high
6 volumes/1975 (S 50). 6.30/first edition/new book/218 pages/cover tatami, shoyabe, page shoshi simi/regular ~ regular top/-
Volume 7/1975 (S 50). 8.15/First edition/New edition/218 p/Cover mushroom, small stain, small entry/Regular ~ regular/-
8 volumes/1975 (S 50). 11.25/first edition/new book/214 pages/cover shoyu itami, kogashi, nami to narabini kami/-
Volume 9/Volume 1976 (S 51) 2.28/First edition/New book/214 p/Cover with small thigs, small blotches, small entries/Regular/-
10 volumes/1976 (S 51). 7.25/first edition/new book/218 pages/very small spots/regular top/-
11 volumes/1976 (S 51). 11.20/first edition/new book/214 p. /-/ Namijo/-
12 volumes/1976 (S 51) 12.25/first edition/new book/226 pages/small spots/regular ~ regular top/-

This is the only long series by the Azuma clan, which has many readers and short series, and also because it was serialized in the weekly boy's champion, who had the momentum of flying birds at that time, many people think of the Azuma clan as the author of this series "Two and five.". At the beginning of the series, he was only 21. Although he had already completed several series, he was not treated as a leading novelist as he is now, and his first book is one volume of this work. The editors of Akita Shoten did not agree with each other in that they wanted to emphasize the service scene (so-called pervert) and gain popularity, so they drew it with "About 20% of the output (Note: From the text of 'Disappearance Diary')". However, it was not made into an animation, and it was serialized for 5 years and 12 volumes in the then Champion magazine, which featured such monster authors as Tatsuhiko YAMAGAMI, Tsubame KAMOGAWA, and Osamu TEZUKA, which proves the popularity and charm of this work. Five beautiful girls (Four of them are male daughters.) and funny faces create a slightly strange daily life and gags, and a solid science fiction sandwiched between them. There is no doubt that the Azuma clan, which toyed with readers by producing these items with an output of 20%, was also one of the "monster writer". It was reprinted as a wide edition in 95, but it is out of print and has not been made into an e-book. Also, there are 6 stories that were only published in the wide version and 2 stories that were not published in the new book or the wide version, but I would like to know the monumental champion version that is his first book. Even the frequency of reprinting is decreasing, but the availability of the first edition set is high. In fact, when he was entered into the priesthood, it was also this work that he received the most inquiries.

Memorial: Special Feature on Hideo Azuma (Item # 8701 ~ 8736)
His unique style, represented by a parody of a cute beautiful girl, an absurd gag, and a science fiction work, led the science fiction manga boom at that time, and although he later left the manga writing, he became a topic of conversation with a non-fiction work on the subject of a homeless life from his disappearance, alcohol addiction, etc. His achievements since the 2000s are still fresh in our memories. In the early comic market where 90% of the participants were women, the first Lolicon comic coterie magazine in Japan 'Sibert' was sold with Yukao Oki and Shinken Hiruko. He was a pioneer of erotic doujinshi for men and became the starting point of the Lolicon doujinshi boom.
'Sibert''s sexually explicit depiction of a beautiful girl in an animated cartoon has spread to erotic manga magazines, which had been based on a realistic graphic style. This led to the establishment of comic magazines for beautiful girls such as 'Lemon People' and 'Manga Bricko' which developed into a series of anime and games for beautiful girls.
Hideo Azuma has influenced Japan's content industry, which is abundant in the modern world in a way. In this special feature, we look back on books from the early days of his debut to the 80s as a memorial. Don't miss it.

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