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Osamu Tezuka Hand-Drawn Color Manuscript Ma-Chan, Ton-Chan

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damaged slightly, slightly torn, stained slightly

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(item number) 4701
(title) Osamu Tezuka Hand-Drawn Color Manuscript Ma-Chan, Ton-Chan
(size) 255 × 180mm
(condition) Minami
(detailed) damaged slightly, slightly torn, stained slightly
(starting bid price) 200,000 yen

(comment) Perhaps abortion document that has been drawn for the cover of Maachan-Tonchan. Maachan-Tonchan in the book of the commercial debut of Tezuka, which was serialized 79 times in small national newspaper Osaka version of the 1946 "diary of Well-chan", published taken down newly drawn than Yubundo the following year 22 years It was. This cover original picture is slightly oblong determine type, and unlike actually came out the corner version, it seems that it is a document drawn under became a death due to some circumstances.
After the draft of a pencil, it has become a document production process of the pen put on after drying put the color in watercolor is visible.
Graffiti by Tezuka, which is written on the back is written to at the time of the popular cartoonist and Shotaro Nanbu home in eloping to Yoshiyuki House Egami from Suita Station (comic Shoin). Egami had also drawn cartoon in Tokio Osaka pseudonym published a magazine "Manga Man" in post-war Osaka. Osamu Tezuka who participated there in the first times Kansai Manga Club meeting was held at home 1946 August 30, is Misome in Sakai Nanauma, become possible to co-create the debut book "New Treasure Island" story is famous. Other also still a teenager Mitsuo Higashiura, Masao Tanaka were participating (Tsujichu)

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