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Only Yesterday Cel (Studio Ghibli)

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With warranty


cels stuck together

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(item number) 5235
(title) Only Yesterday Cel (Studio Ghibli)
(size) 270 × 383mm
(side note) Warranty Yes, background coincidence
(Character) Taeko Okajima
(detailed) cels stuck together
(cell number) 33-11,A19,BOOK,B20END
(starting bid price) 150,000 yen

(comment) To the original hero Taeko showed off a tremendous acting skills in the musical drama meeting of the school, is the episode that Maikomu the story of the theater company exclusive. Don Gabacho of "unexpectedly gourd island" that is reflected in the back of the brown counter is caused to draw from the material image, which is said to have almost lost, in Kokoronikui directing that to reproduce the performance of the remains of the time, attention I feel. "Gourd island" is often, has been dealt with in the original, I feel the of the 1960s movement. Charm of Taeko that over a period of awakening to the talent as an actor as possible become a Gabacho is, you have overflowed to fill the screen

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Item Information

Size (Package Size)
1 mm × 383 mm × 270 mm
166 g

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