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Princess Mononoke Cel

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With warranty


paper stuck

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520,000 yen

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150,000 yen

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2021/04/15 00:00:00

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2021/05/07 22:48:41

2021/05/07 06:48:41

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(item number) 5353
(title) Princess Mononoke Cel
(size) 235 × 350mm
(side note) Warranty Yes
(Character) Eboshi Gozen
(detailed) paper stuck
(cell number) cut462,464,B8END
(starting bid price) 150,000 yen

(comment) "Do the right arm is going to kill me?" Confronting the Ashitaka is calm somehow the tingling of the right arm, asks to challenge among the craftsmen are abuzz. Hotan a Veiled sight even for the curse of God of Ishinie, is a piece that Kanjiiru her spirit to be the long-awaited and I to develop the village as a leader

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Hello, is it possible to have the confirmation of the date and the hour for the start of this auction live ? I'm based in France, and i have to do with the time zone offset. Best regards. M LECOURT
Hi, Thank you for your message. This cel will be in the group of items that start at 10pm (Japan Standard Time) on Friday May 7. As Japan is UTC +9 and France is UTC +2, this group of auctions will start at 3pm in France. As the auction times vary due to the speed of bids, we cannot give a specific start time for this exact item. Kindest regards

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