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Nobuyuki Fukumoto Hand-Drawn Shikishi "Tokubaku Hakairo Kaiji"

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Average: Discoloration, spots, wrinkles

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20,000 yen

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2022/06/15 00:00:00

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(item number) 3059
(title) Nobuyuki Fukumoto Hand-Drawn Shikishi "Tokubaku Hakairo Kaiji"
(size) 240 x 270 mm
(condition) Beauty
(detailed) Average: Discoloration, spots, wrinkles
(starting bid price) 20,000 yen

(comment) Speaking of 2005, it was around the time when I was challenging the irregular mahjong "17 steps". If you win in gambling, you will become self-defeated, and if you rely on it, you can't say that you don't like it. Even so, when deciding, the deciding face of the man who decides. It's a nice expression (Hiroshi Yamamoto)

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