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Dragon Ball Z Cel/Frieza/Trunks

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tape marks

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Item's Details

(item number) 2125
(title) Dragon Ball Z Cel/Frieza/Trunks
(size) 230 × 264mm
(side note) Warranty Yes, with video
(Character) Frieza/Trunks
(detailed) tape marks
(cell number) A5,C3
(starting bid price) 35,000 yen

(comment) "Dragon Ball Z" episode 120 "Cut Frieza in two with a single sword!! Another Super Saiyan"
Mechanized and revived Frieza was instantly killed, and that was in Dragon Ball Z, where there were extremely few characters who used weapons.
This is a famous scene that everyone knows about Trunks, who made his strong debut with a single slash with a sword.
Although Young Trunks only appeared in the cell arc, he became a popular character among both men and women due to his origin and classic good looks.
It was a famous scene that left a strong impression on his character.

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