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Kentaro Miura Hand-Drawn Shikishi "Berserk" Guts

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slight warpage

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Item's Details

(item number) 3056
(title) Kentaro Miura Hand-Drawn Shikishi "Berserk" Guts
(size) 240 × 270mm
(side note) There is a dedication name (image processing), drawing with a pencil marker
(condition) Beauty
(detailed) slight warpage
(starting bid price) 450,000 yen

(comment) When a person who had interacted with Studio Gaga asked Kentaro Miura himself to sign it, he said that he would like to include not only the autograph but also the picture. It is several times more detailed than you can imagine from his background, and you can see how much the person who received it was trusted. He has a gutsy expression as he looks up. As a picture, it is how to draw the shadow of the latter stage, but for this simple way of putting the shadow, a pencil drawing like this time is the best match. It is Guts' eyes that do not have that shadow, and it is calculated so that this whiteness stands out. The Guts of the pen drawing exhibited in No. 115 was also a wonderful work. This can be said to be the supreme one as the guts of pencil drawing (Iwai)

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