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Kentaro Miura 63 copies of manuscripts

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(item number) 4045
(title) Kentaro Miura 63 copies of manuscripts
(size) A4: 1 sheet, B4: 37 sheets, A3: 25 sheets
(sheets) 63 photos
(condition) 8
(starting bid price) 100,000 yen

(comment) "Berserk" volumes 29 to 32, from Farnese's marriage, through Ganyushka's attack, to before the departure of Vritanis, are available, from those that are almost completed to those that are still in progress. The completed manuscript was distributed to the assistants as a sample of the level of finishing, while the unfinished manuscript was intended to share the overall picture of the story with the assistants as they move on to their respective parts. Although some parts of the army and horses were drawn by his assistant, Kentaro Miura himself sometimes draws difficult parts, mobs in the foreground, and backgrounds that are related to the setting, and due to his drawing habits, almost every page You can see that the person's pen is inside. Approximately 10 of the 63 sheets are duplicates, and copy manuscripts other than the main story of "Berserk" are also mixed in. Of course, the purpose of manga manuscripts is to be completed and printed, so it is very unlikely that an unfinished manuscript will come out, even if it is a dead manuscript. Since this was before the introduction of digital tools, it is unclear whether any manuscript data still in progress remains. One of the attractions of this product is that it is possible to see the entire manuscript, which cannot be seen in its bound state, and it is a valuable document that allows us to estimate how Kentaro Miura created "Berserk" (Yamatani)

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Hello!  Could you please tell me if there is any original pen/pencil on these pages?  I understand they are copies, but sometimes real pen/pencil is applied after copying. Thank you! Nick 
Everything is a copy thank you
Will the winner be provided a warranty card?
Warranty will be provided thank you

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