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Keiko Oka "Rainbow Skyline (non Kashi-hon)"

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(item number) 8518
(title) Keiko Oka "Rainbow Skyline (non Kashi-hon)"
(author) Keiko Oka
(maker) Hiro Shobo / Daiichi Bunko
(starting bid price) 5,000 yen

(comment) In addition to the three families (Hashi Yukio, Funaki Kazuo, Saigo Teruhiko), this unique work depicts the success story of singer Mita Akira, who was even called the Four Heavenly Kings, by Oka Keiko. Published 1968. After participating in the Red and White Singing Contest in a row from 1964, no one would have thought that the tragedy of the bankruptcy of the office, the hostage in the hijacking of Japan Airlines Flight 351, and the serious burn to the face in the home fire would await. One book that is surprising because it was published by Hiro Shobo, founded by Yoshihiro (Kunisawa)

1968 (S43).1.5 / Not listed / New book / 184 P / Cover cover thinly broken marks, small small burns, Table 2 3 Binicaba peeling marks / [7] / -

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175 mm × 115 mm × 20 mm
240 g

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