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Osamu Tezuka Hand-Drawn Genga

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wrinkles, very slightly wrinkled

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(item number) 3006
(title) Osamu Tezuka Hand-Drawn Genga
(size) 260 × 360mm
(condition) Minami
(detailed) wrinkles, very slightly wrinkled
(starting bid price) 60,000 yen

(comment) From the anime "Thousand and One Nights" by Mushi, shepherd of man Asuran and Majin Ginny. The whole volume through with booty of gloss, however is, is Ensho to draw works the stereo image of the creepy bad guy. This is to cut there is a depiction Majin Ginny is misleading the Asuran, but the movie Niko There is no scene. Rather Ginny to help Asuran Junji to their love, it is drawn as a painful character to pull himself had a come true unexpected feelings. In contrast to the love couple Sakuchu, etc. Hosse the love does not care about it, also it is also a strange work stand out is variant of the frivolous hero Arudin (Sinbad) to anywhere

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