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Kyouryuu Sekai With Box

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Box damaged slightly, main item spine up and down each 1Cm missing only, small cracks on the inside cover repaired mark

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Item's Details

(item number) 7001
(title) Kyouryuu Sekai With Box
(author) Kikuo Tagawa
(maker) Kansai book publisher
(the date of issue) 1949 (S24) 12.20
(size) B6 luxury binding
(sheets) 96P
(side note) All two-color
(condition) Beauty
(detailed) Box damaged slightly, main item spine up and down each 1Cm missing only, small cracks on the inside cover repaired mark
(starting bid price) 800,000 yen

(comment) It is Kikuo Tagawa 8 of his work. (When the "Dark Star" is confirmed, will be 9 of his)
begins with the debut of "submarine Great Satan", "flying star" one after another in the "ghost ship", "Android" and so only two years book continue to published and in the "ghost Doctor" of previous work, and its popularity with the steadfast ones. It becomes therefore and the next work this "KowaRyu world" has been published as a booklet on with a box ( "Kai-star invasion" of the next operation to be a posthumous work also has also become binding on with a box-just this "Kai-star attack" with a box is believed that the above binding the "mysterious star invasion" of his fifth).
There was the popularity of how Kikuo Tagawa time from this it is also not only readers, it seems, if not to the special treatment as well as publishers, corresponding much preferential treatment it had been.
When Tagawa have appeared would be that excited about also publisher side and "! Suwa or return of Tezuka," but, Ikansen his writers life for the following reasons is became the only two-year surplus.

it becomes Zeppitsu in the "Kai-star attack" that was issued after this, but the details, as is written in detail in the predecessor list "Mandarake" 18 issue of the "Mandarake ZENBU", spiritual of the author himself the we had already left a significant impact from the front of this work by the disease.

feature of the author rather than knowledge in the latest science of the time, is that which has been committed to something like a little more informal scientific ideology.
Of the time learning was the era that has been booming, such as the dawn of the underlying quantum mechanics and mathematics, geophysics, astronomy science of science of today.
Specialized math, if not scientific knowledge, do you say and its trend, sensitivity to feel the temperature of the era had.
There and readers to determine the post-war new cartoon, Will was a fact that was welcomed by publishers. If

we look at the work of Kikuo Tagawa, there is a way to draw his cartoons that are common throughout.
It is sometimes referred to as "characters are not sophisticated and simple."
You plainly hope will also say things that "miscellaneous".
Other hand, buildings and various structures of the background, also is such monsters that appeared in works from his picture history, have been drawn very well. But with respect to character drawing is immature, most studying the disparity much that than to had not is is evident.
But there is of his spirituality has appeared vividly, it might be it can be said that "is not interested in human beings," the fact that "interest was thin", and says clearly "misanthrope" Hmm.
Whether it is a depression late is his chronic disease, of either is unknown because human beings hate has become depression, the author is thin intention to pursue the character of human beings, concentrated in the structure and the mystery of the parts of the world Te we've focused on.

Of course it will some things that have debuted in high school, but I had been working he is the creative activities even after this if, might have hit the wall of "the pursuit of human nature" someday.

in doubt it is a very important cartoonist in and I even after the war cartoon world in any case, Osamu Tezuka of the time, Minoru Mori no doubt that was Akahon cartoonist, along with (Sakyo Komatsu), and the like.
Since this "KowaRyu world" has already been reprinted above the binding of "dinosaur era", but the contents will be folded also who you know, what is important is probably the completion goods of the existing number of books is very that the two books or three books It is to become a rare book.
Even though the was not a prominent cartoonist of Osamu Tezuka (little known was not) life force or as a book came survived, Shokage of course, "book of rare box and medium door of design "worth having is the thing, also, such as the value of as antique to be brewed over time, it will not have the enough too elements to satisfy the tastes of collectors.

Kikuo Tagawa you stood the writer lives out the "mysterious star attack" in the year 1950 (1950). Just this last book, When you are with a box of "mysterious star attack" that it is reprinted in his fifth "Kai-star attack", "KowaRyu world" will be a substantial posthumous work.
Regard anyway Kikuo Tagawa, not been most studied, only Hideo Enoki Matsumoto Reiji Mr. and research who is he telling the slightly its whereabouts.

"KowaRyu world" of this exhibition may be state, here until things get out on the market this might last be.
Such as Osamu and Reiji Matsumoto, Sakyo Komatsu Tezuka was acclaimed, it is the rare books of genius disappeared appeared as a meteor to Akahon era

Translation is done by machine translator.

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